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Stellenausschreibung Kaufmännische Leitung

Ausschreibung als PDF zum Download Der gemeinnützige Verein Global Energy Solutions e.V. wurde im August 2020 mit Unterstützung des Forschungsinstituts für anwendungsorientierte Wissensverarbeitung/n in Ulm gegründet, um Lösungen zur Bewältigung der globalen Herausforderungen im Energie- und Klimabereich zu entwickeln. Der Verein finanziert seine Projektarbeit u. a. aus Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) sowie anderer öffentlicher Einrichtungen… Read More »Stellenausschreibung Kaufmännische Leitung

Interview: The structure of the work programme is in place

Global Energy Solutions (GES) has specified its work programme for the next two years. In an interview, Christof von Branconi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the association, names the focal points. The challenges of a global energy transition are enormous, and so are the tasks. After all, around 85 percent of the energy used worldwide today comes from… Read More »Interview: The structure of the work programme is in place

Facts and Figures

84.3% This is the share of fossil energy generated globally in 2019. The remaining 15.7 % is made up as follows: Hydropower (6.4 %), nuclear (4.3 %), wind (2.2 %), solar (1.1 %) and others. The path towards a global energy transition is therefore still very long. Mankind will continue to use fossil fuels for a long time.

Direct Air Capture – World’s largest facility goes into operation

Every year, the Swiss start-up Climeworks wants to suck up to 4,000 tonnes of CO2 directly from the air and deposit it underground. Orca, as the plant is called, went into operation on Iceland at the beginning of September. Orca consists of eight large containers that suck in CO2 with the help of fans and filter it out. Climeworks’ plants… Read More »Direct Air Capture – World’s largest facility goes into operation

Short news

Alongside the IAA Mobility in Munich, Global Energy Solutions held an event on 6th September on the global challenges in the field of energy and climate and possible contributions to solutions by the industry. The event was hosted by Linde GmbH. Among others, the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr. Gerd Müller, was present. Participating companies and organisations:… Read More »Short news

An unrealistic dream: Georg Brasseur on green energy self-sufficiency in Europe

Interview: How can the energy transition succeed? Georg Brasseur is an engineer and teaches at Graz University of Technology. His maxim: We need a technical vision of how the global energy transition can succeed at all. Using Europe as an example, he shows with simple calculations that neither green energy self-sufficiency is possible nor a solution that relies entirely on… Read More »An unrealistic dream: Georg Brasseur on green energy self-sufficiency in Europe

Australia plans gigantic plant for renewable fuels

Large green hydrogen projects are planned not only in the MENA region. Now Australia is also getting on board. The announcement is not sparing with superlatives, the talk is of the world’s largest energy hub for renewable energy. The Western Green Energy Hub (WGEH) is designed for 50 gigawatts and involves investments of 100 billion dollars. Wind and solar power… Read More »Australia plans gigantic plant for renewable fuels

H2Giga: Electrolysers for hydrogen production on an industrial scale

H2Giga is one of the three hydrogen lead projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim is to support the series production of electrolysers for worldwide use. Until now, this technology has largely been produced by hand. H2Giga has now officially started. Leading manufacturers of electrolysers are involved in the project, including Siemens Energy, Linde, MAN… Read More »H2Giga: Electrolysers for hydrogen production on an industrial scale

Short news

The world’s first offshore production facility for green hydrogen is to be built in the Netherlands. Wind farms at sea supply large amounts of electricity. This will be used to produce green hydrogen, which will be fed into an existing pipeline system. The question of the best solutions for transporting hydrogen and its downstream products is of central importance. The… Read More »Short news