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Expensive and inefficient climate nationalism

Global Energy Solutions comments on the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling on the Climate Protection Act. The court targets a lack of intergenerational justice and calls on policymakers to take measures that lead to the achievement of the 2°C or better even 1.5°C target. The central element of the argumentation is the so-called budget approach. GES finds all this unconvincing, also… Read More »Expensive and inefficient climate nationalism

Nature-based Solutions – A Necessary Element for Solving the Climate Problem

The potential of Nature-based Solutions is huge. A reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere by 10 billion tonnes annually is possible. This is confirmed by a publication in the renowned journal nature. Reforestation, rainforest protection or humus formation in agriculture bring positive development effects in the sense of the 2030 agenda and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity. Nature-based Solutions… Read More »Nature-based Solutions – A Necessary Element for Solving the Climate Problem