Short News

At this point, news of the last few weeks are picked up which, from GES’ point of view, give hope because they contain building blocks of a possible global solution and / or help to develop a realistic view of the challenges ahead. As part of the aforementioned Neom project in Saudi Arabia, Air Products has now contracted the German… Read More »Short News

GES: Project funding confirmed

GES: Project funding confirmed Norbert Barthle, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), at the founding ceremony of GES The founding ceremony of GES, Ulm City Hall The project aims to show that there is a prosperity-compatible solution to the global energy and climate challenges. In the sense of the Brundtland definition of sustainability,… Read More »GES: Project funding confirmed

Starting point: Global Energy Solutions e.V.

Starting point: Global Energy Solutions e.V. Left to right: Christof von Branconi, Norbert Barthle, Gunter Czisch, Franz Josef Radermacher Foundation of the association Global Energy Solutions, Ulm City Hall The association Global Energy Solutions e.V. will conduct analyses on current energy, climate and development issues. The association’s unique selling points are the idea of multiple CO2 recycling – basically a… Read More »Starting point: Global Energy Solutions e.V.