A solution for the demonized CO2

Christof von Branconi, Chairman of Global Energy Solutions, has built chemical plants in many parts of the world. He would like to contribute this experience to the work of the association. He argues from the perspective of companies: “We use the CO2 produced as a valuable material in combination with hydrogen to produce methanol. And by using methanol as a feedstock again afterwards, my company creates a circular economy that solves a cost problem for the company”. Read more

Industry partners and companies

Prof. Dr. Estelle Herlyn, member of the Executive Board of Global Energy Solutions, develops the vision of the association. She comments on the economic prospects of the proposed solutions: “This depends crucially on whether it is possible to produce renewable energy in huge quantities at low cost”. And she explains why sustainability is no longer a marketing issue for companies, but is now a key element of corporate strategy. She considers the availability of energy to be absolutely central – also in the sustainability discourse. Read more

The urgency of our problems gets things moving

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher, member of the Executive Board of Global Energy Solutions, explains the goals and strategy of the association in an interview. He describes the interaction of the building blocks of the global approach to solving the energy and climate crisis. And he explains why he considers the position to be promising: namely out of sheer necessity, because global warming is progressing unchecked: “I believe that we at Global Energy Solutions will present a consistent solution. And at some point, people will be glad to have access to it. Read more