A solution to the global energy and climate problems is possible

 – in harmony with freedom and prosperity. The decision on future prosperity is made particularly in developing and emerging countries with rapidly growing populations. The global dimension of activities and proposed solutions is therefore crucial. In addition, they must be economically viable. This is the only way to prevent a climate catastrophe.


We need large amounts of solar energy at reasonable prices

Industrial countries will continue to import a lot of (green) energy in the future. Self-sufficiency with regenerative energy, for example produced in Germany, is unaffordable and ultimately fails due to geographical conditions. A lot of energy is lost when green electricity is converted into carbon neutral energy sources and fuels. However, if the green electricity is produced very cheaply (less than 2 eurocents per kilowatt hour), the conversion losses are not economically relevant.


A central component is the production of green electricity in the sun deserts of the world

Be it in Africa, the Arab world, China, South America or Southern Europe. In particular, the cooperation between Europe and Africa offers great opportunities as a win-win partnership at eye level. Investments in African countries strengthen the local economy and help to stop the population explosion.


The green electricity is converted into carbon neutral energy sources on site

Methanol consists of CO2 and hydrogen for instance. It has the advantage that it can be stored and transported easily. It can be converted into various types of carbon neutral fuels such as methanol gasoline, methanol diesel, methanol kerosene, etc. These liquids can be transported like oil or petrol. Tankers, pipelines, filling station networks already exist and can continue being used.


Carbon-neutral fuels work like natural gas or oil

They can be used to power cars, trucks, aircraft and ships in a carbon-neutral way. Be it with fuel cells or combustion engines. Hundreds of millions of cars on all continents can continue being used, powered by carbon-neutral fuels. Many combustion processes, including those in power plants, also work with carbon-neutral methane or methanol.


CO2 must be recycled

Many new coal-fired power plants are currently being planned and built, for example in China, India and Africa. A coal-fired power plant whose CO2 emissions are captured and used operates carbon neutrally. This CO2 is required for the production of methanol and carbon neutral fuels – and thus becomes a high-quality economic good. The more recycling loops are connected back to back, the fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. Carbon neutral fuels offer an affordable way to recycle huge amounts of CO2. The climate problem can thus potentially still be solved affordably.


Natural CO2-recycling processes close the cycle

Even the combustion of carbon neutral fuels (e.g. methanol) releases CO2 at the end of the recycling loop. The remaining CO2 emissions can be removed from the atmosphere by means of reforestation, rainforest protection or humus formation in agriculture (so-called Nature-based Solutions), financed by high-quality carbon offsets. Degraded soils in the tropics offer many options for such projects and hence have a big potential for creating value and building prosperity for the local people, for instance as part of a Marshall Plan with Africa. Technical and natural carbon cycles can complement each other in this way.


The production of carbon neutral fuels offers unique business opportunities

The processes are technically and politically feasible – and they pay off, so they can be sold on the market without the help of subsidies. This allows us to maintain and further develop our technical civilization. An important goal of Global Energy Solutions is therefore to initiate investments in this game-changing field.


Technical and industrial policy foundations are needed

Global Energy Solutions wants to examine all realistic technology paths for the production of carbon neutral fuels from a global perspective and with an open mind. A team of scientists and practitioners is working on the solutions and aims to cooperate with other experts. The objective is to identify the best, most cost-effective and practicable solutions. For successful implementation, investors will find sound scientific and entrepreneurial foundations with us.


Our vision

A world in 2050 with ten billion people living in freedom, prosperity and peace with nature. Although 10 billion tons of CO2 will still be emitted by humans each year, the bottom line is that this world is carbon neutral since the remaining emissions are offset by Nature-based Solutions. This unlocks considerable financial volume through CO2 offsetting, which can be used for promoting sustainable development in terms of the 2030 Agenda.