Leon Berks

Leon Berks is a researcher for the Global Energy Perspectives project and conducts research on developments in the global energy economy. He studied Social Sciences (B.Sc.) at the University of Cologne, University College Dublin and Global Development (M.Sc.) at the University of Copenhagen. Through engagements at GIZ, DAAD or the NGO Reach for Change as well as through stays in Indonesia and Nepal, he was able to gain insights into the work of international cooperation.

Bert Beyers

Bert Beyers is a journalist and author. As a journalist he cultivates a discourse day by day, as an author one with far-reaching future perspectives. He has worked for many years as an editor at NDR in Hamburg. Books in cooperation with Franz Josef Radermacher and Mathis Wackernagel, among others. In addition, projects and articles in the areas of sustainability and the future. As Head of Communications at Global Energy Solutions, Bert Beyers has been involved from the very beginning.

Dr. Wilfried Lyhs

Dr. Wilfried Lyhs holds a doctorate in physics and has long worked and researched with engineers in metallurgy, plant construction and process engineering. As CIO of Lurgi for many years, he has also created and renewed global IT infrastructures and gained experience in managing worldwide projects. Wilfried Lyhs has been a member of the association since 2020 and project manager and senior researcher at the Global Energy Perspectives project since 2021.

Dr. Tobias Orthen

Dr. Tobias Orthen is a physicist and economist. He sees himself as a bridge builder between extremes: What does global thinking mean for local action? How can science improve practical life? How can cultures work together? After studying in Kiel, Göttingen and Tokyo, he did his doctorate in Ulm on the question of what rich top emitters gain from working for climate protection and social cohesion. He is a researcher at FAW/n in Ulm, a fellow of the Global Justice Program at Yale University and helped establish Global Energy Solutions.

Dr. Jens Wagner

Dr. Jens Wagner is a chemical engineer and has held similar positions in large-scale plant engineering at thyssenkrupp and Lurgi over the last 30 years. He is currently a partner in a company that develops and licenses projects and technologies in the field of (green, blue and grey) hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. Together with his network, one focus of his work has been to increase the energy efficiency/sustainability of technologies. As a technical advisor for his areas of expertise, Jens Wagner has been supporting Global Energy Solutions since July 2021.