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    Basic Documentation of the GES Reference Solution

    On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Global Energy Solutions has developed a reference solution for a global climate-neutral and prosperity-creating energy system. It shows a path that enables ten billion people to live in freedom with adequate prosperity in social balance, an intact environment and a stable climate system in the period 2050 to 2070. The reference solution is also based on extensive basis documentation. It consists of a “Technical Toolbox” that summarises the state of knowledge on relevant topics in the field of energy and nature-based solutions. Another part, “Greenhouse Gas Causing Sectors”, describes the initial situation and options for action in the main greenhouse gas causing sectors. These comprehensive documents are now available on the GES website.


    0. Table of Contents

    1. Introduction

    2. Technical toolbox: Production of Climate-Neutral Energy Sources and Avoidance of Greenhouse Gases (list of abbreviations, list of figures, list of tables, bibliography)

    2.1 Regenerative Generation of Electricity

    2.2 Generation of Electricity through Nuclear Power

    2.3 Electricity Storage

    2.4 Hydrogen Production

    2.5 Transport and Storage of Hydrogen

    2.6 Production and Use of Hydrogen Derivatives

    2.7 Climate-Neutral Fuels

    2.8 Technical Capture and Storage of CO2 (CCS)

    2.9 Carbon Capture and Usage (CCU)

    2.10 Nature-Based Solutions

    2.11 Oceans as a Sink for Anthropogenic CO2

    2.12 Greenhouse Gases Other than CO2

    2.13 Critical Raw Materials

    2.14 Energy Transport Infrastructures

    3. Technical toolbox: Major Greenhouse Gas Emitting Sectors (list of abbreviations, list of figures, list of tables, bibliography)

    3.1 Power Generation from Fossil Fuels

    3.2 Major Process Industries

    3.3 Traffic

    3.4 Housing & Buildings

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