Newsletter May 2024

Resources for the energy transition
No green hydrogen without electrolysis, no electrolyser without precious metals. Iridium and platinum serve as catalysts that set the chemical process of water electrolysis in ...
GES background paper on hydrogen expansion in Germany
In order to be competitive, the production of green hydrogen requires very favourable electricity production costs. This is not the case in Germany. Due to ...
News in Brief May 2024
At this point, some news of the last few weeks will be addressed which, from GES' point of view, are reason for hope because they ...

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GES Newsletter April 2024

There has been a real breakthrough for climate-friendly fuels in Germany. The Federal Council has decided that HVO 100 can be sold freely at petrol stations from mid-April. The regenerative […]

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This newsletter is all about the Global Energy Solutions reference solution, which we are delighted to be able to publish now. With the study, we want to show a way […]

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