Interview with Olaf Toedter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

5. April 2024

The approval of HVO was preceded by years of political dispute in Germany. In other European countries – such as the Netherlands, Italy and Scandinavia – the fuel has been part of everyday life for years. It is obtained from biological residues (e.g. cooking fats, waste oils). The decision to start selling HVO in Germany […]


India is booming – demand for energy is rising

29. February 2024

GES is in dialogue with an Indian energy expert: Manoj Agarwal lives in India and has many years of experience in the energy industry and had been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the then one of the major Indian Power Utility company in the private sector. Today he is a freelance consultant. In his […]


Plea in favour of a transformation electricity price

2. February 2024

Peter von Zumbusch is plant manager of the chemical company Wacker in Burghausen, Bavaria, which employs 8,000 people. The production of semiconductor silicon as a basic material for chip production is a key pillar. And this pillar is energy-intensive. Wacker in Burghausen consumes about as much electricity as 900,000 households. Peter von Zumbusch is in […]


Freedom doesn‘t come for free

29. December 2023

Gerd Ganteför is professor emeritus at the University of Konstanz, an experimental physicist and runs a YouTube channel on the subject of climate. He identifies a climate ideology in Germany. Instead, he argues in favour of science, prudence and reason – instead of spreading fear scenarios. Ganteför reports on a shitstorm that he has faced. […]


Green ammonia from Norway

1. December 2023

Carlos Lange is responsible for the Green Energy Europe division of Fortescue Future Industries (FFI). The Australian company is the world’s fourth largest producer of iron ore. The aim is to reduce CO2 in mining and its own value chain to zero. In the interview, Carlos Lange reports on projects for the production of green […]


Key technology Carbon Capture

1. November 2023

Friedbert Pflüger is a partner and managing director of the Clean Energy Forum. He considers carbon capture to be a key technology in the fight against climate change. The world is so hungry for energy that demand cannot be met with renewables alone. Therefore, coal, gas and oil still have a long way to go. […]


Three to four times more expensive than fossil jet fuel

1. September 2023

Harald Dialer, HCS Group Die HCS Group will 2026 in Speyer 60.000 Tonnen Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) produzieren. Das erscheint wie eine stolze Menge – gemessen an der Nachfrage nach Kerosin ist es aber nur ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein. SAF steht für Flugkraftstoffe, die nicht aus fossilen, sondern unterschiedlichen regenerativen Quellen stammen. Harald […]


The GES Reference Solution – Lecture by Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher

7. July 2023

The goal of the GES Reference Solution is to chart a path to a world that enables all ten billion people to live in freedom with adequate prosperity in social balance, an intact environment and a stable climate system in the period 2050 to 2070. The guiding idea is energy prosperity for all through innovation […]


Interview Kai Schaefer

2. June 2023

The German lime industry emits 6 million tonnes of CO2 per year . Two thirds of this cannot be avoided because they are produced when the lime is burnt. Another third comes from the fuels used in the processes. In order to bring the emissions of the lime industry (and those of the cement industry […]


The target: 200 US dollars per tonne of CO2 captured

5. May 2023

Climeworks currently operates the largest plant in Iceland to scrub CO2 directly out of the atmosphere. Dirk Nuber is responsible for the company’s project development. He is looking for locations for further plants and preparing everything so that they can go into operation. Important points include large amounts of renewable energy for the capture process, […]

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