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For Prosperity and Climate Neutrality


We develop global solutions and business models on energy, climate and development issues. Our goal is a climate-neutral energy system – with the following elements: green electricity, green hydrogen, biological as well as technical CO2 recycling, climate-neutral energy sources and fuels – including methanol. During production, CO2 is used materially and thus becomes an interesting economic asset. Together with industrial and scientific partners, we are developing technical, entrepreneurial and administrative foundations for significant investments in this field of the future. Investments that pay off.


Interview Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW)

The GdW is responsible for around six million rental flats in Germany. By law, these flats must also be heated in a climate-neutral way by 2045. Up to now, the housing industry has mainly relied on heat from interconnected networks and on gas. If more buildings are heated by heat pumps in the future, partly due to lack of gas, many new questions will arise. Mainly because this area does not have any standard solutions yet. Even the possible transition…

“One can speculate that hydrogen opponents were at work”

In a way, hydrogen is like electricity. You can’t tell by looking at electrons whether they were produced by photovoltaic or coal-fired power plants. Similarly with hydrogen: you can’t tell whether the atoms were produced with renewables. For electricity, there have been corresponding guarantees of origin for a long time. For hydrogen and its derivatives,…

Industry partner meeting of GES

Synthetic fuels based on climate-friendly hydrogen are an important pillar for meeting the global climate and energy challenges. They can contribute significantly to the reduction of emissions and complete climate neutralisation of the 1.3 billion vehicles with combustion engines worldwide. They can also be used for individual heating and cooling solutions. This was one of…

GES at CCUS Workshop of UNIDO in Vienna

The objective of the workshop was to gain an overview of ongoing activities in the CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage) field worldwide, especially for developing and emerging countries. The aim was to find approaches on how UNIDO can contribute to accelerating and scaling up the technology.

New GES factsheet: Production of hydrogen

The conclusion: Only when low- CO2 hydrogen can be produced at comparable prices to grey hydrogen will business models emerge and the market ramp-up accelerate. Until then, state regulation and further investments in the development of this future technology are needed. An important player in the production of electrolysers is China, where production is massively…

New GES Background Paper: Green Power Generation and Storage

The cost of electricity from renewable energies and their storage is expected to fall. This is a result of the new GES paper. In addition, the geopolitical situation is changing, new dependencies are emerging.

News in brief June 2022

At this point, some news of the last few weeks will be addressed which, from GES’ point of view, are reason for hope because they contain building blocks of a possible global solution and / or could help to develop a realistic view of the challenges ahead of us. At the meeting of the G7…


We are convinced that the production of carbon neutral fuels opens up unique business opportunities. Our task in the near future will therefore be to investigate various technological paths and identify the best and most cost-effective solutions – as a scientifically and commercially sound basis for investor decisions. In addition, we are keeping an eye on the political and fiscal framework conditions. Not only concerning the energy sector but also for a number of other quite “difficult” industries such as steel or cement.


“Energy, climate and development are key issues of our time and are closely linked in terms of content,” said the former Development Minister Gerd Müller in his endorsement. “I myself and the BMZ have been active in this area for years. International cooperation, e.g. in the field of energy using the world’s large solar deserts, is a key issue. Furthermore, the production of gigantic quantities of green hydrogen and its combination with CO2 to produce synthetic fuels – such as methanol – as a kind of ‘liquid electricity'”.


The association Global Energy Solutions e.V. conducts analyses on current energy, climate and development issues. In a global perspective we develop solutions together with industry partners. The activities of the association are carried out in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). They are also part of a wide range of hydrogen-related activities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and in the Ulm region.

GES News

GES member meeting

It took place on 22 November with more than 40 virtual attendees. The Board reported on the ongoing activities of the association, such as the work in the Global Energy Perspectives project funded by the Ministry of Development. The discussion focused on the exchange about the approaches to solutions pursued by GES and the openness to technology, without which the ambitious climate goals will be achieved neither nationally nor globally.


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