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Net Zero 2070

The GES Reference Solution

1. The GES reference solution shows that Net Zero is possible. Global cooperation is essential.
2. Whether Net Zero is achieved will be decided in the low- and middle-income countries.
3. Technology and nature play together, innovations are of central importance.
4. In its own interest, the Global North must promote the ecological system services of the Global South and support it financially.
5. An annual contribution of 800 US dollars from each OECD citizen seems to be the most cost-effective solution.

Recent Interview

Interview with Olaf Toedter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The approval of HVO was preceded by years of political dispute in Germany. In other European countries – such as the Netherlands, Italy and Scandinavia – the fuel has been part of everyday life for years. It is obtained from biological residues (e.g. cooking fats, waste oils). The decision to start selling HVO in Germany opens the door to the important market for low-carbon fuels. Read the interview with Olaf Toedter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Make the most of the HVO 100 opportunity!

The advantages of HVO: The fuel can be used immediately. And it can be used within the existing infrastructure: vehicles, filling stations, logistics, etc. HVO is also a climate-friendly solution for trucks that are hardly suitable for electromobility. If HVO were to replace five to ten percent of fossil diesel in Germany, 4.5 to nine…

The German government’s carbon management strategy

GES sees the draft carbon management strategy by Economics Minister Robert Habeck as an overdue step. The world is now also moving towards the GES reference solution in Germany: the “2-pillar electricity system” and “Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage” building blocks are being given the space they need. If 80 per cent of global primary…

New GES paper: The challenge of surplus electricity. A perspective analysis up to the year 2045

The ongoing expansion of renewable energies in Germany is leading to increasing fluctuations in the supply of electricity due to the volatility of photovoltaics and wind energy. At times, high surplus flows are generated that cannot be sold or even given away in Europe. At other times, there are shortfalls. From GES’s point of view,…

GES lecture on the energy transition

In November last year, Professor Franz Josef Radermacher, CEO of GES, was awarded the Green Innovator 2023 prize of honour by German industry and the ife network for make-to-order manufacturers, as we reported. The prizewinner’s presentation is now online, in the video from minute 6:00. In it, Radermacher describes the energy transition as an “absurd…

New paper on building with wood

The study by GES and FAWn for Viebrockhaus states: “Taking into account other areas of use, wood will make a contribution to climate adaptation – but avoiding 10 per cent of today’s CO2 emissions will probably already be a lot. This has to do with the enormous building volumes that will have to be realised…

GES at the Vienna Energy & Climate Forum 2023

Global Energy Solutions presented its reference solution at the International Vienna Energy & Climate Forum 2023 on 3 November. Christof von Branconi, CEO of GES, explained the main features of the concept in a presentation. Three international experts from the Counsel for the Energy Transition and Franz Josef Radermacher commented. Moderator: Tobias Orthen. The recording…

The GES Basic Documentation

“Energy, climate and development are key issues of our time and are closely linked in terms of content,” said the former Development Minister Gerd Müller in his endorsement. “I myself and the BMZ have been active in this area for years. International cooperation, e.g. in the field of energy using the world’s large solar deserts, is a key issue. Furthermore, the production of gigantic quantities of green hydrogen and its combination with CO2 to produce synthetic fuels – such as methanol – as a kind of ‘liquid electricity'”.



Dr Gerd Müller, Director-General of UNIDO, on the GES reference solution: "The outcome shows a possible and feasible way for the world to create a climate-neutral energy system in the coming decades that maintains prosperity and allows for catch-up development in emerging and developing countries." In his message from Nairobi, the former development minister reminded the audience that Africa's population will double over the next 30 years and that 600 million Africans still do not have electricity. Energy is the key to any development.

GES Team

The association Global Energy Solutions e.V. conducts analyses on current energy, climate and development issues. In a global perspective we develop solutions together with industry partners. The activities of the association are carried out in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). They are also part of a wide range of hydrogen-related activities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and in the Ulm region.

GES News

GES at the climate conference in Dubai

Although the final declaration of the World Climate Conference in Dubai (COP28) speaks of a “transition away from fossil fuels”, there is no mention of a phase-out of coal, gas and oil. COP28 changes practically nothing, or hardly anything, about the continued essential importance of fossil fuels. Nothing else was to be expected. The final declaration contains all the elements that GES also describes as necessary building blocks in its reference solution. For example, the declaration aims to triple global…

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