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For Prosperity and Climate Neutrality


We develop global solutions and business models on energy, climate and development issues. Our goal is a climate-neutral energy system – with the following elements: green electricity, green hydrogen, biological as well as technical CO2 recycling, climate-neutral energy sources and fuels – including methanol. During production, CO2 is used materially and thus becomes an interesting economic asset. Together with industrial and scientific partners, we are developing technical, entrepreneurial and administrative foundations for significant investments in this field of the future. Investments that pay off.


Interview Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW)

The GdW is responsible for around six million rental flats in Germany. By law, these flats must also be heated in a climate-neutral way by 2045. Up to now, the housing industry has mainly relied on heat from interconnected networks and on gas. If more buildings are heated by heat pumps in the future, partly due to lack of gas, many new questions will arise. Mainly because this area does not have any standard solutions yet. Even the possible transition…

GES-Factsheet: Carbon Capture and Storage / Usage (CCS / CCU)

Our conclusion: CCS and CCU are important tools in the fight against the climate crisis and represent opportunities that should be seized. Currently, 150 million tonnes of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere every year. In 2050, it will have to be many times that amount if – as is to be expected – fossil…

Update Strategy Statement: Dii Desert Energy – Global Energy Solutions

The world of energy has changed significantly in recent months. As a result of the war in Ukraine, focus of public discussion is increasingly on energy security. The import of fossil fuels from Russia is (currently) no longer an option. The search for alternatives is in full swing. This is also giving renewables a strong…

Easter package: Electricity will become even more expensive

The share of renewables in electricity generation in Germany is to be at least 80 percent in 2030. This is a central promise of the so-called Easter Package presented by Economics Minister Robert Habeck. GES has done the math and concludes that the target cannot be achieved. Unfortunately, there are considerable gaps in the paper…

Position paper of the Board of Trustees of Global Energy Solutions

An excerpt: “We welcome the flexible cycle model pursued by the association, which does not name fossil fuels per se as the core problem, but the burning of these fossil fuels in such way that CO2 is released into the atmosphere. As far as possible this must be prevented. Hence, the focus is on technical…

Strategy Statement: Dii Desert Energy – Global Energy Solutions

Dii Desert Energy is the successor organisation to Desertec. Dii and GES share a similar view of the global energy transition. A quote from the joint paper: “Global Energy Solutions and Dii Desert Energy are not only focusing on green electricity, but also on the conversion to hydrogen and its derivatives. In addition, liquid organic…

GES Background Paper: Reducing CO2 Emissions. Technology, costs and challenges

Into the ground instead of into the atmosphere, that is the principle of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The CO2 produced by industrial processes is captured, concentrated and injected into caverns, for instance. Internationally, this is regarded as a safe method of storing CO2 in an environmentally friendly way. Another method is the injection of…


We are convinced that the production of carbon neutral fuels opens up unique business opportunities. Our task in the near future will therefore be to investigate various technological paths and identify the best and most cost-effective solutions – as a scientifically and commercially sound basis for investor decisions. In addition, we are keeping an eye on the political and fiscal framework conditions. Not only concerning the energy sector but also for a number of other quite “difficult” industries such as steel or cement.


“Energy, climate and development are key issues of our time and are closely linked in terms of content,” said the former Development Minister Gerd Müller in his endorsement. “I myself and the BMZ have been active in this area for years. International cooperation, e.g. in the field of energy using the world’s large solar deserts, is a key issue. Furthermore, the production of gigantic quantities of green hydrogen and its combination with CO2 to produce synthetic fuels – such as methanol – as a kind of ‘liquid electricity'”.


The association Global Energy Solutions e.V. conducts analyses on current energy, climate and development issues. In a global perspective we develop solutions together with industry partners. The activities of the association are carried out in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ). They are also part of a wide range of hydrogen-related activities in the state of Baden-Württemberg and in the Ulm region.

GES News

GES member meeting

It took place on 22 November with more than 40 virtual attendees. The Board reported on the ongoing activities of the association, such as the work in the Global Energy Perspectives project funded by the Ministry of Development. The discussion focused on the exchange about the approaches to solutions pursued by GES and the openness to technology, without which the ambitious climate goals will be achieved neither nationally nor globally.


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