The German government’s carbon management strategy

GES sees the draft carbon management strategy by Economics Minister Robert Habeck as an overdue step. The world is now also moving towards the GES reference solution in Germany: the “2-pillar electricity system” and “Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage” building blocks are being given the space they need. If 80 per cent of global primary energy comes from fossil sources, extensive “decarbonisation” is illusory in the foreseeable future. Fossil fuel producing countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela and the USA will defend their business models, militarily if necessary. Fossil emissions are the problem, not fossil fuels. Climate neutrality can also be achieved with a proportion of coal, gas and oil. To achieve this, CO2 must be captured and utilised or disposed of. Carbon capture is a game changer.

Robert Habeck, Federal Minister of Economics
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