Interview: The structure of the work programme is in place

30. September 2021

Global Energy Solutions (GES) has specified its work programme for the next two years. In an interview, Christof von Branconi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the association, names the focal points. The challenges of a global energy transition are enormous, and so are the tasks. After all, around 85 percent of the energy […]


An unrealistic dream: Georg Brasseur on green energy self-sufficiency in Europe

3. September 2021

Interview: How can the energy transition succeed? Georg Brasseur is an engineer and teaches at Graz University of Technology. His maxim: We need a technical vision of how the global energy transition can succeed at all. Using Europe as an example, he shows with simple calculations that neither green energy self-sufficiency is possible nor a […]


Why the world’s largest oil producer relies on synthetic fuels

26. July 2021

Matthias Braun is a consultant to Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer. In an interview with Global Energy Solutions, he explains Aramco’s interest in synthetic fuels. It is primarily customer-driven. The Chinese market is in first place. China is not only focusing on electromobility, […]


We need a realistic, implementable programme

1. July 2021

Global Energy Solutions proposes to German politicians that climate-neutral synthetic fuels be added to today’s classic petrol. This is also possible for diesel and heating oil. The blending rate could be 15 percent in 2030. This would be a considerable contribution to achieving the goal of the […]


The global energy transition now has a chance

26. May 2021

Hardly anyone has as much experience with renewable energy in North Africa and the Middle East as Paul van Son. He was the founding managing director of the Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) in 2009. Early on, he criticised the focus on exporting electricity from Africa to Europe – as too narrow and too early. First, […]

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