Franz Josef Radermacher Green Innovator 2023

Franz Josef Radermacher, GES

Professor Franz Josef Radermacher from GES has received the Green Innovator 2023 Award of Honour. He was honoured for developing the GES reference solution together with his team. With regard to battery electrics, the scientist said: “You can only shake your head, […] but we even have people who think they have to supply lorries with five tonnes of batteries and save the climate in this way. These absurdities are a tragedy for our economy and our prosperity.” To solve the climate problem, he emphasised the importance of cross-border cooperation on carbon capture, i.e. the storage of CO2: “An inherently global problem must also be tackled globally”, because the atmosphere “doesn’t care where a tonne of CO₂ goes into the atmosphere and where it is taken out.”

The press conference was organised and hosted by the Netzwerk für Einzelfertiger and Die deutsche Wirtschaft.

The podcast with Franz Josef Radermacher at Cicero on the same topic.

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