Freedom doesn‘t come for free

Gerd Ganteför

Gerd Ganteför is professor emeritus at the University of Konstanz, an experimental physicist and runs a YouTube channel on the subject of climate. He identifies a climate ideology in Germany. Instead, he argues in favour of science, prudence and reason – instead of spreading fear scenarios. Ganteför reports on a shitstorm that he has faced. In particular, a controversy with Professor Volker Quaschning took its toll on him. But he does not want to remain silent, because: “Freedom doesn’t come for free.” With his “bathtub model”, Ganteför describes the carbon concentration in the atmosphere as a dynamic system with both inflows and outflows of CO2 . Forests and oceans in particular absorb a lot of carbon. And it is precisely these forces of nature that should be strengthened. The remaining CO2 emissions from humans must be reduced, primarily by switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies. For Ganteför, carbon capture is also part of the solution. However, he doubts whether the technology is available on the required scale. He is vehemently opposed to a predominantly national climate policy. “We need a global approach,” says Ganteför.

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