GES at the climate conference in Dubai

Franz Josef Radermacher, Estelle Herlyn, Tobias Orthen, v.l.n.r.

Although the final declaration of the World Climate Conference in Dubai (COP28) speaks of a “transition away from fossil fuels”, there is no mention of a phase-out of coal, gas and oil. COP28 changes practically nothing, or hardly anything, about the continued essential importance of fossil fuels. Nothing else was to be expected. The final declaration contains all the elements that GES also describes as necessary building blocks in its reference solution. For example, the declaration aims to triple global renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency by 2030. Carbon capture is also an important part of the package of measures. In addition, 22 countries in Dubai have committed to tripling the use of nuclear power by 2050. The signatories include France, Japan, Canada, Korea, the Czech Republic and the USA.

GES was also represented at the climate conference. Tobias Orthen and Estelle Herlyn summarise the results:

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