Interview with Jens Wagner

Jens Wagner, GasConTec

Green hydrogen or blue hydrogen, the terminology is of little importance to Jens Wagner of GasConTec. What matters to him is how much CO2 is released in the production of one tonne of hydrogen (or ammonia or methanol). In this sense, fossil-based hydrogen can even be better than hydrogen from renewables, thanks to carbon capture. Jens Wagner, a member of GES, has been involved in process engineering for decades. GasConTec, for example, is in charge of a planned plant for the production of ammonia in the USA. The production prices are extremely favourable. Also because the separated CO2 from hydrogen production is traded as a product. It goes back into the gas fields to enable the extraction of more gas. The gas is then further processed into hydrogen with a low CO2 content. Germany has so far isolated itself worldwide by refusing to capture and inject CO2. This is the experience of Jens Wagner, who oversees many international projects.

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