New GES Position Paper on Carbon Capture

The burning of coal, gas and oil causes the dangerous rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere that has been going on for decades, leading to warming and climate change. If it were possible to reliably capture the CO2 produced and then dispose of or use it, the world would be one step further. Carbon Capture and Storage/ Usage (CCUS) is therefore a key issue. The time factor plays a major role here. CCUS promises rapid improvements in civilisation’s CO2 footprint without requiring a phase-out of fossil fuels, which still form the backbone of the world’s energy supply with a share of over 80 percent of primary energy use. For many CCUS applications, technology and business models are ready to be put into action. However, many questions are still open. These include financing the additional costs, especially in developing and emerging countries. This applies all the more if CCUS is needed in the foreseeable future and on a large scale in order to perhaps still achieve the climate goals.

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