On the debate about a ban on new cars with combustion engines

According to the current will of the EU Parliament, no more passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with combustion engines may be sold in the European Union from 2035 onwards – which practically is equivalent to a ban. The environment ministers of the EU countries, on the other hand, recently spoke of climate-neutral new cars, thus opening a back door for cars that are fuelled with e-fuels. A final compromise in the EU is thus still pending. Global Energy Solutions appeals to all those in positions of responsibility to stick to the position they have now found. Worldwide, there are currently about 1.3 billion vehicles with combustion engines, and the number is rising. Electrification on this scale is out of the question. In addition to electric cars, there will still be vehicles with internal combustion engines for a very long time. Climate-friendly e-fuels are an important part of the solution. A decision against the internal combustion engine would violate the principle of technological openness and put Germany and Europe economically on the sidelines.

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