We need a realistic, implementable programme

Global Energy Solutions proposes to German politicians that climate-neutral synthetic fuels be added to today’s classic petrol. This is also possible for diesel and heating oil. The blending rate could be 15 percent in 2030. This would be a considerable contribution to achieving the goal of the new German climate protection law. Compared to 1990, the aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by 65 percent by 2030. Drivers would hardly notice this admixture. Not on the technical side, because synthetic petrol (just like diesel or heating oil) meets the same standards as petrol from fossil sources; the engines are designed for it. And on the economic side, too, hardly anything would change; the price at the pump would remain more or less the same. The blending rate can be designed in such a way that it can be increased at will – up to 100 percent. If this were to happen, even worldwide, the 1.3 billion combustion vehicles on the planet could be made climate-neutral.

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