Dubai 1st Interview with Katherina Reiche

On 10 and 11 November, the 11th Dii Desert Energy Leadership Forum took place in Dubai. There, GES had the opportunity to interview Katherina Reiche, Chair of the National Hydrogen Council. “I am convinced,” she says “we need all colours of hydrogen. Because the demand in Germany alone will be so big in the late 2020s and early 2030s. We see a hydrogen demand of 57 terawatt hours that we can’t meet from our own sources.” Therefore, says Reiche, Germany should “remain open to new ideas and innovations. And not define too early what we want to find in 20 years’ time”. In this sense, Katherina Reiche advocates not only green but also blue and turquoise hydrogen. No region in the world can develop a hydrogen economy on its own. Especially in the MENA region (Middle East, North Africa) there are excellent investment opportunities. Investments that run into the billions. With these sums, security and regulatory framework conditions are needed for the investments.

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