Short News January 2022

At this point, news of the last few weeks are picked up which, from GES’ point of view, give hope because they contain building blocks of a possible global solution and / or help to develop a realistic view of the challenges ahead.

As part of the aforementioned Neom project in Saudi Arabia, Air Products has now contracted the German company thyssenkrupp to supply an electrolysis plant (alkaline water electrolysis) with a capacity of two gigawatts.

A Japanese company has developed a plant for the decentralised production of ammonia. It is particularly suitable for operation with green hydrogen. A large-scale plant is not always advantageous. The compact technology from Japan, on the other hand, can be adapted to the demand and availability of resources at the respective location.

The German Maritime Centre has provided an overview of the current state of hydrogen technologies. It examines the needs for hydrogen and power-to-X energy carriers of the maritime sector in Germany up to the year 2050 – from production to storage and transport to the consumer.

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