Key technology Carbon Capture

Friedbert Pflüger, CEF

Friedbert Pflüger is a partner and managing director of the Clean Energy Forum. He considers carbon capture to be a key technology in the fight against climate change. The world is so hungry for energy that demand cannot be met with renewables alone. Therefore, coal, gas and oil still have a long way to go. And it is better to use capture technology than not. In Germany, carbon capture has long been criticised. Pflüger is in favour of unavoidable CO2 emissions, for example from cement or steel, being captured in Germany and transported by ship or pipeline to storage sites under the North Sea. First abroad, for example to Norway or Denmark, later also in German storage sites. According to Pflüger, carbon capture is also to be used in fossil power plants worldwide. He is convinced that the topic will be of decisive importance at the upcoming COP28 in Dubai.

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