Saudi Arabia becomes an exporter of green ammonia. Interview with Peter Terium

One of the largest renewable energy production projects is currently being developed in Saudi Arabia and is called Neom. The area is located on the coast of the Red Sea and is about the size of Belgium. Even though Neom will be powered 100 per cent by renewables, the plans go far beyond the energy sector. Saudi Arabia is planning a future region with smart cities and is focusing on innovations in the areas of water, food and media.

Peter Terium heads the energy division. At the beginning, wind and solar power are used in Neom. With this, an electrolyser with 2,000 megawatts produces about 650 tonnes of hydrogen per day. The hydrogen is to be processed into ammonia, also for export – be it to Europe, Asia or even the USA. In about five years, Terium says, Saudi Arabia wants to withdraw as a start-up investor and leave the field to the private sector.

With the production of green electricity, hydrogen and a derivative like ammonia, Neom is on a par with GES. Therefore, experience gained in projects like Neom is extremely valuable for us.

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