Short News December 21

At this point, news of the last few weeks are picked up which, from GES’ point of view, give hope because they contain building blocks of a possible global solution and / or help to develop a realistic view of the challenges ahead.

Kairos@C is the name of a joint project between Air Liquide and BASF. With the help of CO2 capture and storage, emissions in the port of Antwerp are to be significantly reduced. During the first ten years, 14.2 million tonnes of CO2 are to be avoided. Kairos@C is funded by the European Union.

Green hydrogen & solar projects is the title of a new study by World Hydrogen Leaders (WHL). The organisation quotes production costs for green hydrogen in the EU of 1.5 to 5.5 euros per kilogram. This compares to 1.5 euros for hydrogen from fossil sources. Nevertheless, WHL is optimistic for the future and refers to costs of 1.62 US dollars per kilogramme for green hydrogen from Saudi Arabia. The study gives an overview of interesting hydrogen projects worldwide.

The Stuttgart-based company OCEANENERGY wants to produce green hydrogen where its production does not disturb anyone, namely on the high seas. The idea is to build a fleet of ships that generate energy by means of automatically controlled kites. On board, the energy is converted into hydrogen and stored. Production takes place around the clock. From time to time, the green energy carrier is landed. The company is talking about a price per kilogram of hydrogen of less than 2 euros (2030).

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