The goal: one euro per litre of e-fuel

Philipp Engelkamp, Ineratec

According to Ineratec it is currently building the world’s largest production plant for synthetic fuels. The output of the pioneering plant at the Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt is to be up to 3,500 tonnes per year. Ineratec is currently primarily targeting air traffic – a risk-free market. After all, the EU Parliament demands fixed blending quotas of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), 2 percent by 2030 and as high as 85 percent by 2050. In the future, Philipp Engelkamp, Managing Director of Ineratec, sees the price of synthetic fuels at one euro per litre. But that only applies to regions where the production conditions for green hydrogen are particularly favourable – hence not in Germany. The company has set itself the goal of replacing 5 per cent of Europe’s oil demand with e-fuels by 2035. This requires a huge expansion of Ineratec’s production facilities, worldwide.

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